Friday, April 05, 2002

An Invitation for Lines

[This was the invitation for lines for the performance, "What Have You Heard?" conducted by Sophea Lerner and myself. I collected these lines by walking around with a clipboard during the Khoj performance festival and convincing people to sit down and compose a couple of sentences for me; in addition, I solicited lines over email.

For an essay, post-facto, on the lines and the poem that resulted from this exercise, go here.

To see the poem that was performed by selecting and arranging these lines, "I Heard It Is One of Many Possibilities", go here.

For a description of the larger event that this was part of, see here.

To see all the lines that were collected, see here.

We are still soliciting sentences for this project. If you have some for us (and for the public domain), please send them to ihearditis [at] gmail [dot] calm .]


Khoj Live Open Space - Contribute Sentences for Use in a Poem on Friday 28 March 2008

Vivek Narayanan and Sophea Lerner would like to ask you to contribute sentences to the public domain for use in a poem to be performed on 28th March at 12.30pm as part of the Khoj Live Open Space at Alliance Francaise...

This task is likely to take approximately 2 (two) minutes or less of your time. Please, please help us by filling this out.

1. Complete the following sentence:

I heard…

2. DESCRIBE your immediate environment / or some object or event in your immediate environment by completing the following sentence:

It is…

date and time of writing:

3. We would also to invite you to OPTIONALLY contribute LIVE TEXT via SMS.



Complete the following sentence as a text message:

We are...

SMS: [We gave the number of a dedicated mobile line here]

between 12.30pm & 1.15pm IST

(or up to 3.5 hrs before if you are in an awkward time zone)

please, put the number in your phone and set a reminder right now! -

Thank YOU!! Please hand the top part of this page back to Khoj Crew now for inclusion in the poem.


“What Have You Heard?” by Sophea Lerner and Vivek Narayanan.

Vivek Narayanan and Sophea Lerner will present a suite of site-specific, pre-composed and improvised poems, sound objects and audience interactions. They would like to explore and unveil disconnections and echoes around time, place, language and voice, using their toolkit of poetry, performance and sound art practices.

Sophea Lerner is an Australian sonic media artist and broadcaster based in India. Her work brings together experience in group devised physical performance with many years of experimental radio and new media art into a collaborative art practice which explores mediated temporal experience and translocal participation. Her radiomaking encompasses intricately composed radiophonic projects as well as engineering and production and collectively devised, rapidly executed semi-improvised live broadcasts. Community and creative networks are integral to collaborative aspects of her practice.

She has taught at universities in australia finland & u.k and has participated in media arts residencies and festivals on four continents, occasionally up to three at a time. Sophea is currently affiliated with Sarai-CSDS in New Delhi, where she is engaged in practice based research towards a Doctor of Creative Arts at University of Technology, Sydney.

Vivek Narayanan’s first book of poems was Universal Beach (Harbour Line, 2006). He has been publishing his poetry since 1994, and has been performing it in various locations since 1995.

In Narayanan's performance, the idea is first that ritual chant, old talk, performance art, song, rap, and slam can all aim to flow into and out of the classical tradition of English literary performance on record: he is equally interested in reviving late 19th century / early 20th century styles of poetry recitation and bringing them in contact with 21st century possibilities. Over the years he has moved from thinking about performance as a way to make poems more entertaining and accessible, to thinking about the radical contextual possibilities of performance, and collaboration. He is interested specifically in the active performance of “difficult” poems.

His poems, stories and essays have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies in india and internationally. He is currently based in Delhi, where he works at Sarai-CSDS. He is also Consulting Editor for the international online literary journal, Almost Island, edited by Sharmistha Mohanty.,

Publically contributed sentences will be performed on FRIDAY MARCH 28th 2008 by Vivek, Sophea and audience as part of the Khoj Performance Art Festival “Open House” event at Alliance Francaise, Delhi

All lines are considered generous contributions of the writers to the public domain, for use by all and will be published collectively at

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