Saturday, March 20, 4060

Major Web Resource of the Month

The pairing of Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton-- how much sense it makes, how obvious, how essential, how glad I am that it happened, and happens again, here and free for all to see. (Not to mention a brooding and dizzy Boris Kaufman --Dziga Vertov's brother and the camera on L'Atalante and On the Waterfront, as it turns out-- as Sam Beckett's points of view.)

Also, this nice essay on the film, and this fascinating memoir by the film's then young director, Alan Schneider. But please do yourselves a favour and watch the film first, if you haven't seen it-- spoiler alert!

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Space Bar said...

thank you so much for this. (I really should put UBUWEB on my feedreader but i'm too scared to!)

i've been dying to see this for ages.